Selection Tests: Paths Less Travelled

Psychometrics: Paths Less Travelled

As Business Psychologists, most of the assessments that we conduct fall within the spheres of personality and general mental ability, albeit at varying organisational levels. But the beauty of being independent is the freedom to scour the market for rarer tests; for more unusual situations. Basically, we are in a position to take advantage of a wider range of assessment options, which single-publisher users often struggle to do.

So, purely for interest, we’re shining a light on some of the more unusual / specialist assessments that we have undertaken recently:

HTML5 with JavaScript and My SQL: Sometimes a standard ability suite (for example, Verbal, Numerical and Inductive tests) is not enough or is superfluous. As was the case when we were asked to assess for a High-calibre Programmer role. This needed a focused combination of exercises, appropriate for candidates who were expected to excel in a very specific skill-set. What surprised us was just how many programming languages there are!

Executive Level Managerial Judgement: We use Managerial Judgement tests as a matter of routine (In fact, we were one of the first in the UK to use Situational Judgement Tests, when Quest Partnership published ‘Scenarios’ 20 years ago!). But did you know there are different versions / levels of this test available? The Scenarios test, for example, has a version geared towards Director / Executive level, and another aimed specifically at Graduates. It’s also becoming easier to devise job-specific situational judgement tests.

Health & Safety Solution

Health & Safety Solution: When it comes to safety-related behaviour in the workplace, it’s well understood that people present different levels of ‘risk’ . And the number of roles where H&S is paramount is increasing. So when we came across the Health and Safety Solution – a suite of assessments which examines a range of ability and personality characteristics related to safe behaviour in the workplace – we added it immediately to our portfolio. It’s suitable for individuals who work in industries with inherent workplace hazards or where there is a need to reduce workplace accidents. Not surprisingly, a number of clients soon spotted the benefits. You can read more about it here.

Microsoft Software: Yes, we can test for proficiency in the most common software packages: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. These tests are probably at their most useful when assessing the skill-level of entry-level employees, perhaps to evaluate training needs, but obviously they can be deployed for any role where the software package is essential to job success.

Language Skills: Would you like to know how well a German candidate performs with the Swedish language, or an English person can handle French? Believe it or not, we have access to a range of tests which can do exactly that. If you need to assess foreign language skills (ie: fluency, vocabulary, spelling), these tests can be used for roles which require a practical knowledge of the target language (Target Languages currently include: English, Swedish, Norwegian, German, French). If you’d like to know which combinations are available, get in touch!

Programming Concepts: Yes, this is another programming example, although this one is slightly different. This test is not geared towards a specific programming language but more towards the general principles of programming. It explores the candidate’s ability to deal with things such as Conditional Logic; Looping; Boolean Phrasing and Relational Databases (and lots of other technical descriptors which may not mean much to non-Programmers!). It’s a great instrument for spotting potential in applicants who will be expected to learn new code and/or pick up different programming languages quickly.

Throw us a Curve Ball

360 Development Feedback: Throwing this in because we’ve just completed an assignment for a client in New Zealand! Apparently, our costs for an equivalent product in NZ are less than a third of those offered by Kiwi practitioners (though to be fair, that was no great surprise to us. It’s often a similar story in the UK).

Anyway, do bear in mind that we’re not here just for the routine assessments.

We’re always on the lookout for alternative tests and truly innovative solutions (but not fads… We don’t do fads!) that have genuine practical value.

Feel free to throw us a curve ball!

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