Team Gelding (Humour!): Essential Skills to Undermine and Demotivate Any Team

Seventy years of Team Building and Leadership Training has finally paid off!

Scissors_with_face_text_300You know all those Team Building Workshops and Leadership Seminars that have been around for the last seventy years? Well, you’ll never guess… They’ve actually worked. It seems that all Managers have now achieved perfection and all Employees are in nirvana. And the consequences are staggering: The world now has an abundance of Over-Performing work groups… SUPER-TEAMS!

It’s fabulous news for business but BAD NEWS for Managers, all of whom face immediate redundancy. In fact, without intervention, all Managers will be laid off next week.

TG_Cover_300Thankfully, there is a new collection of Leadership Styles designed to prevent the success of Super-Teams. This pioneering book, TEAM GELDING, is supported by mountains of anecdotal research and identifies more than a dozen new Leadership Styles, guaranteed to (a) destroy team morale and (b) secure your managerial career!



Below are the NEW LEADERSHIP STYLES designed to guarantee your future as a Manager. TEAM GELDING: Revolutionary Skills for Perfect Managers

Boss-Boss:  …provides a powerful, multi-layered approach to Team Gelding.

Anti-Matter: …one of the easiest Team Gelding techniques to master.

Hyper-Crit: …a superior, slow-burning method for dismantling team morale.

Smotherer: …no team member can carry out a task, however small, without a hug.

EmpaThief: …will often cry with anguish.

Charismore: …ideal for anyone who sails through life believing that they have charisma.

False Team Builder: Scissors_with_face_text_300…Lego, spaghetti, lengths of string and bananas.

JoyBuster: …one of the rarest styles in the Team Gelding arsenal…

Ultra-Mav & Anti-Mav (Job Share): …ignore existing rules to the maximum extent possible… If there is no rule, one must be invented.

Articulartsy: …a creative approach to destroying morale… the stuff of nightmares.

Dyna-Might: …for those who enjoy exercise.

IndepenDenter: …specialist intervention.

Left-Whinger & ComplicaTory (Political Factors)

In short, LEADERSHIP PERFECTION and the emergence of SUPER-TEAMS represents a genuine threat to CEOs, Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors, and anyone who works with people. TEAM GELDING will SAVE leadership careers and RESCUE the entire managerial profession!


TEAM GELDING: A Satirical work for ALL MANAGERS available in Digital and Paperback Format

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