The following are genuine testimonials:

… very professional in approach with a high degree of personal integrity.

Andrew has worked with our Company for 10 years supporting our Graduate and Key Developer selection process, managing the psychometric testing, designing and running the assessment centres and undertaking a number of coaching interventions. Andrew is 100% reliable, always well-prepared and delivers ahead of time. He does what he says he will do and is very responsive, turning results around very quickly to meet the business requirements. He is also very pro-active and self-sufficient; once he knows what the business requires and expects, he just gets on with it; you know you can trust Andrew to deliver. He was able to quickly recognise and adapt to the culture and expectations of our business. He is very professional in approach with a high degree of personal integrity. He will also give pragmatic, honest answers to ensure that the business needs are recognised and addressed at all times. He is able to step back and offer constructive feedback when he sees opportunities for us to improve our processes. Our graduate candidates at the Assessment Centres always give us very positive feedback about Andrew, how he manages the testing program and how he puts them at their ease prior to and during the Assessment Centre, so we see them at their best. Our managers also appreciate his level of insight and his calm approach and sense of humour in dealing with the unexpected. He keeps himself up to date with the latest outputs in the area of Business Psychology and ensures we are informed of new developments in the field. I would thoroughly recommend Andrew to any business looking for a high quality service from a committed, customer–centred professional. Brian W, Director of Talent & Development

I have never known him fail to hit a deadline, in fact he normally under promises and over delivers!

I have used Andrew’s professional services for over ten years in a number of companies in different industry sectors. This has been in the areas of psychometric support (both ability testing and personality profiling), assessment and development centres, developing company wide competency profiles, recruitment, senior management coaching and helping with both redundancy and large scale re-organisational programmes. Andrew has the rare talent of being able to very quickly ‘get inside’ the culture of the company he is working in, whilst at the same time still being able to apply  incisive and thoughtful constructive feedback. He has a fantastic manner and is able to get hard bitten senior managers to very quickly see the value added by using psychometric tools to dramatically improve the interview process. Andrew has always been very responsive in terms of customer service and has often made special provision (e.g. turning results around overnight) to ensure we get exactly what we need. I have never known him fail to hit a deadline, in fact he normally under promises and over delivers! He has worked with me at a variety of organisational levels but mainly on senior executive and board level projects. I believe Andrew has always added substantial value in any project we have undertakenPeter C, HR Director

…materials and methodology deployed are first rate and ahead of the game

Andrew has successfully supported [our company] in terms of our organisational development needs principally in the area of recruitment and selection but he has also worked with the senior management team as a coach and facilitator. Andrew is extremely professional in the way he conducts himself and his business, displaying very high levels of integrity and conscientiousness. At an operational level he has never missed a deadline and he is extremely proactive in the manner that he interfaces with us in terms of new developments within the field of OD. He also is a source of much wisdom and I freely discuss details of our business with him knowing he is extremely trustworthy; I value his advice enormously. The materials and methodology deployed are first rate and ahead of the game, and Andrew provides an excellent value-for-money service to this business… Howard M, Group HR Manager

…”going the extra mile”

 I have worked with Andrew for 15 years and have always been delighted with the work that he has carried out on behalf of the Firms for which I have worked. For the majority of the time, assignments have been the production of psychometric reports but more recently this has been coupled with executive coaching which has been particularly well received and has proved very effective.  Andrew has an intuitive understanding of behaviour and can be relied upon to treat all candidates and situations with the confidentiality required. Andrew is a highly competent professional, and assignments have always been completed within the timescales agreed – some of which have been extremely tight which has necessitated him “going the extra mile” on numerous occasions! As well as being highly competent, Andrew is also extremely personable and a pleasure to work with.  Louise D, HR Manager

…frighteningly accurate!

Hi Andrew, Firstly, thank you for the feedback reports you have provided on both the assessment centre and psychometric tests. The conclusions drawn make interesting reading indeed! The personality questionnaire seems to be frighteningly accurate! I really enjoyed the day in xxx. I hadn’t done group work like that for quite some time and found the whole experience interesting and engaging. There was a much more relaxed atmosphere than I had anticipated and this helped me to perform well. I had a job offer from xxx and I cannot wait to start in September!! JL (Candidate).

Thank you for taking the time…

Hello Andrew,Thank you for taking the time to e-mail me the feedback for the tests. It’s much appreciated especially since not many companies offer feedback on them and I hardly get a chance to see where I position myself. Unfortunately, xxx e-mailed me yesterday to let me know that my application hasn’t been taken forward. It’s very disappointing as I was very much excited about the job opportunity but I understand I might not have shown the skills they were looking for. I wish you the very best and again, thank you for the opportunity! Kind regards, CD (Candidate)