Health and Safety Attitudes

The Health & Safety Psychometric Solution

Did you know that some businesses don’t take health and safety seriously?

There’s a word for them: Liable

Health & Safety
Health & Safety: Get it Right

Workplace accidents are one of the key causes of lost work time and productivity.  As a result, most organisations work hard to reduce the number of safety-related accidents and improve their safety culture.

While the environment and safety culture of an organisation play a role in this, individual personnel factors are also very important.  The Health and Safety assessment suite examines a range of ability and personality characteristics that represent a tendency towards safe behaviour in the workplace environment.

The Health and Safety Solution can be used to:

  • Ensure those selected into the organisation can behave safely in the workplace
  • Facilitate the development of safety behaviours in existing staff

This solution is suitable for individuals who work in industries where there exists an exposure to workplace hazards or where there is a need to reduce workplace accidents.

It is suitable for selection, individual development and coaching.

 What the Solution Measures

The assessment comprises a combination of targeted personality and ability measures which allows for the identification of health and safety risk factors. The assessment covers an individual’s capacity to listen, comprehend and adhere to health and safety rules, their ability to perceive workplace hazards within their environments and their ability to respond to hazards based on their health and safety understanding.

Specific measures include:

  • Understanding instructions
  • Checking and attention to detail
  • Understanding the safety environment
  • Safety Motivation
  • Safety diligence
  • Adherence to rules
  • Openness to guidance
  • Safety confidence
  • Safety composure

This assessment is unique in that it indicates cognitive reasoning abilities in addition to personality measures to investigate and predict health and safety behaviours.  Research shows that high cognitive ability is associated with fewer accidents, lower accident mortality rates, few deliberate safety violations and lower accident risk.

Download sample reports (pdf format):

  1. HSI_Selection_Report
  2. HSI_Development_Report
  3. HSI_Feedback_Report

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