Apprentice Selection 2019

Not All The Same

In the psychometric assessment arena, the Apprentice Selection Solution has been something of a game-changer. This suite of assessments is now firmly embedded in our portfolio of testing options, and it’s one of the most exciting developments of recent times.

The solution is important not only because of the depth of information it gives to employers… It should go without saying that we would not be offering it unless it was robust, detailed and intrinsically valuable. It’s value lies in other things too.

For example, it takes full advantage of the definitions laid down in the Apprenticeship standards, and then ‘matches’ candidates against pre-defined criteria. This means you have an instant, up-front idea of how closely the candidate ‘fits’ your specific Apprenticeship. It also allows you to anticipate where any ‘gaps’ might be, so you are better placed to provide support along their journey.

Not All The Same
Apprenticeships applicants… They’re not all the same! Save yourself time and money… Get it right first time.

And the rewards are not just for you. It’s also impressive because of the feedback it provides to the candidates themselves. In fact, it’s a fully-rounded vocational guide which the candidate can use in their early career development, regardless of whether or not they are appointed.

Apprenticeships are not all the same. And neither are Apprentices.

If you are recruiting an Apprentice and you haven’t commissioned one of these reports… well… you really should.

You can click here to download a sample client report and see what you’re missing. And you can click here for an example of the candidate’s feedback report.

Get in touch today and you could have a candidate report by tomorrow.

Just one more thing… If you are working with an Apprenticeship provider who does not offer this kind of solution, ask them why.

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