A few questions that we are commonly asked…

I’m a potential new client… Can you help? Sorry, at the moment I am only working with longstanding clients. I am not taking new clients at present.

I am a Recruitment Consultant. Can I partner with you? Unless we have done business previously, no, sorry. I am no longer taking on new clients / consultants.

For Existing Clients…

How soon can you supply test results? As little as 24 hours, although obviously much depends upon how quickly the candidate completes. I don’t ‘sit’ on results; they are processed as quickly as possible, but you will be aware that I have other responsibilities. For high-level jobs, where the test battery might require some time to complete, I try to set a sensible, realistic deadline for the candidate. Almost all reports are generated within 24 hours of the candidate completing.

I’m an existing client using a NEW external Recruitment Consultant. Does that matter? No, but YOU are the client, not the new Consultant. Assuming your consultant is professional, our combined services will integrate seamlessly and the reports you receive will be the same as always.

Does the candidate see the results? As the client, you will, in the vast majority of cases, receive two reports. The main report is for you, the decision-maker. The second report is a feedback report for the candidate. We have ethical responsibilities to both you and the candidate, and believe it is important to provide feedback to candidates on their results. What’s more, they are free to contact us directly if they have any queries on their feedback.

What if I have questions about the results? Speak to me! The vast majority of reports are self-explanatory but, every now and then some clarification is useful. Rest assured, you can request a follow-up discussion… There is no charge!

Will I incur costs if a candidate withdraws before completing the assessments? No, don’t worry. It’s rare for candidate’s to pull out at such a late stage, but it does happen. All we ask is that you advise us at the earliest opportunity so we are not chasing dead-ends.

How much does testing cost? We have a huge range of tests and questionnaires, and for the most part we operate a ‘menu-based’ system. Costs will depend upon the nature of the assessment, the style of the report and (to some extent) the number of candidates. We have heard of one London-based consultancy  who charge three times more than us for (what we consider to be) a lower quality assessment. In any event, we will quote you precisely in advance. No surprises.

Do I pay up-front? No, you will only be invoiced after completion of the assignment.

Am I locked in to you? Absolutely not, although why you would go elsewhere is anyone’s guess!

Why do you ask for the candidate’s gender? It’s very simple… When compiling reports, we use the personal pronoun! (And we don’t use gender identification for ANYTHING else). That is, we write in standard English which tends to use ‘He is; She is; etc.’. If candidates have a preferred way of identifying themselves, which does not conform to standard personal pronouns, we can use their preferred option or replace every instance of ‘he/she’ with ‘this person’. Please be aware, however, that doing this rarely reads well in practice.

If you have any further questions that are not featured here please do not hesitate to get in touch via the contact page. Always happy to help and advise.