HELP ME PLEASE! My mum LOVES these pens!

Okay, a bit of background… I want to say straightaway that I love my mum to bits. She’s great; always has been, and I know she loves me back. I want her to be joyful. But sometimes a son can make a mistake with over-indulgence, and that’s what happened here. Bear with me…

I ordered 100 of these pens to mark the 25th anniversary of being in business, and I made the mistake of giving the first one to my mum. She loved it immediately because it had my name on it – such a proud mother! What’s more, it writes pretty well and the nub at the top of the pen is touch-screen friendly, so for her it proved fantastic for both bingo and kindle. But a week later she asked if she could have another, and when she saw that I had a bunch of them in my pocket she took one more, “Just for spare,” she said.

Over the course of the next three weeks, she accumulated a further six, taking her total tally to nine. It now transpires that half the women in her Ladies Circle own one, which is not exactly what I intended. Apparently all the ladies are really pleased, and one or two are asking my mum if she’s taking orders for Christmas.

So you can help me and share my mother’s joy!! Win-Win!!

I’ve still got at least 25 left and I don’t want them to end up in the Ladies Circle. Drop me a line – – with your postal address and I’ll mail one out to you. First 25 guaranteed and my thanks along with it!!

PS: If you already own some kind of writing implement and you don’t particularly want/need one of these bingo/kindle pens, please share this post with a friend or colleague (BUT NOT WITH YOUR MUM!).

Have a great day 🙂


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