Apprenticeships – A Comprehensive Assessment Solution

Not All The Same
Apprenticeships applicants… They’re not all the same! Save yourself time and money… Get it right first time.

Who can use this solution?  Employers, Training Providers, Recruiters, Careers Advisers, Parents, Apprentices

We now have a new, innovative and comprehensive psychometric solution tailor-made for selecting and developing Apprentices. Our Apprenticeship pre-employment testing and assessment solutions are designed to help you reduce apprenticeship turnover and improve apprenticeship performance by ensuring you can quickly and accurately identify the best candidate(s) for your company.

Reports provide in depth assessments of candidates’ Work Needs, Career Interests and Financial Motivation alongside a suite of Mental Ability Tests. Learn more about your candidates’ potential: Are you looking at a likely success story or someone who will struggle to meet expectations?

  • Do you want a quick, robust and fair selection process?
  • Would you like to ensure a ‘best-fit’ candidate?
  • Reduce administration and resources?
  • Valuable feedback for Candidate and Employer
  • No up-front fees; no costs until candidates complete

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Selecting the right Apprentice is a genuine challenge for Employers. A combination of short, cost-effective psychometric measures, in conjunction with pre-defined ideal profiles, makes it possible for you to gain substantial insight into a candidate’s likely fit for an apprenticeship opportunity in your company.

We provide a turn-key psychometric solution for selection, offering an overview of candidates’ Career Interests, Work Needs and Financial Motivation, alongside a general reasoning suite of Mental Ability Tests: Verbal, Numerical and Conceptual (Abstract) reasoning. You receive two reports generated from psychometric assessments which are specifically tailored to the selection of Apprentices.

Traditional Selection vs Apprentice Selection

Traditional selection methods concentrate on KSA’s (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities), with candidates being compared against Job Descriptions and Person Specifications. For apprenticeship candidates, however, the first two (in particular) are likely to be much less in evidence.

Example from Candidate’s Feedback Report

Young people have limited knowledge of the workplace and their skills have not been fully tested. Furthermore, they are likely to experience difficulty when describing their strengths and suitability.

Even in the areas of abilities and attributes, young people may struggle to demonstrate relevant evidence.

There are also further challenges:

Apprenticeship opportunities will be much sought after, and it is anticipated that the number of applicants for a given position will be high. Indeed, candidates are more likely to apply ‘shotgun-style’ for available posts, rather than being selective. Anyone who works routinely with young people will know that most have no idea what kind of career they want to pursue; they simply don’t know what they might be good at or what they might enjoy.

Furthermore, employers who are seeking to up-skill existing personnel face the problem of ‘objective fairness’ in the selection process. They need to find the most suitable candidates without de-motivating their unsuccessful colleagues.

As employers, we have an obligation to ensure that young people are placed appropriately. Ultimately, a strong match will be good for business and good for them! We have a responsibility – and an opportunity – to help young people as they search for a suitable career path.

To overcome the difficulties mentioned above, a modified approach to selection is required for Apprentices: One which objectively identifies – and reports on – suitability and fit.

Standards are clearly defined

Of course, this means that we need a pre-defined idea of which qualities are required for a given role, which is no small task given the number of apprenticeships on offer. Thankfully, since the Apprenticeship Standards are clearly defined, we have an excellent starting point for assessing candidates. Indeed, the confirmed Apprenticeships have already been mapped against robust psychological constructs.

How we can help

We provide a psychometric solution that will help you to find the most suitable Apprenticeship applicant.


Using a combination of short, cost-effective psychometric measures, in conjunction with pre-defined Ideal Profiles, you will gain substantial insight into a candidate’s likely ‘fit’ for a given Apprenticeship opportunity.

The Career Motivation Analysis Profile (CMAP) uses the Occupational Interest Profile (OIP+) to provide an overview of a candidate’s Work Needs, Career Interests and Financial Motivation. Alongside this, a general reasoning suite of tests provide a measure of Mental Abilities: Verbal, Numerical and Conceptual (Abstract) reasoning.


The reports generated from the assessments provide (at least) two significant benefits:

Extract from FEEDBACK report

They provide valuable information for the EMPLOYER, not only for use during the selection process, but also as an aid to the early development and support of successful candidates.

To take a further look at Sample Detailed Reports (pdf download)

Putting It All Together – Primary and Secondary Reports

To summarise, the primary report arising from the combined assessment suite (ie: CMAP and General Mental Ability) is for the EMPLOYER. The report provides a measure of how closely the candidate matches the ideal profile for a specific Apprenticeship role. The applicant’s match to the ideal is considered in three aspects:

Shows the ‘degree of fit’ between candidate and role
  • Work Needs Similarity
  • Work Interests Similarity
  • Ability Similarity
  • A Total Match Coefficient (combining the above)

The secondary report is a comprehensive feedback report for the APPLICANT. This provides a powerful and effective bank of information which allows the candidate to consider their relative strengths against particular opportunities.

It can be used by the candidates themselves, or in conjunction with their parents and advisors.

How Does it Work?

Assessing candidates via the CMAP / General Ability Suite is very straightforward. There are no up-front costs, so you do not need to be concerned about candidates dropping out. We only need basic information to set-up the online systems.

We will issue the links promptly via email and liaise directly with the candidate until the assessments have been completed. Once we have results, the final reports will be generated and emailed to you in pdf format.

The entire process can take as little as 24 hours and we manage EVERYTHING

Additionally, if you have a large batch of candidates, we can summarise the information into Excel spreadsheet format for easy reference and ranking.


The costs associated with the assessments are straightforward. All of the costs for set-up, data processing and report generation are included, and there are no additional fees.

  • No ‘lock-in’ or ‘up-front’ costs,
  • No annual service charges
  • No fees until the candidates have completed
  • BOTH reports included…
  • the FULL report for the EMPLOYER
  • the FEEDBACK report for the APPLICANT.

NOTEYou do NOT need training in psychometric assessment to use the reports; they are a fully comprehensive, self-contained solution.



Combined CMAP+ & Mental Ability Apprenticeship Assessment

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