Career Guidance and CV’s

There are times in life when independent Career’s Guidance and Advice is useful.


Young People, Graduates, Career Professionals: We use our expertise in selection and development to help you plot a route through the myriad, often confusing options. It might require a single intervention, say via a quick assessment of Career Interests and Work Needs, or support that is a little more sustained, perhaps over a number of one-to-one meetings.

Here are a few examples:

Young Person exploring options*: We might run one of the Apprenticeship assessment batteries, which provide extensive reports and represent a really good starting point for follow-up (either on your own, or ideally with a parent or Career’s Advisor). This can be simple and low cost, and is always discreet; we may not even need to meet in person.

Not the best CV

Mid-Career Professional reached a roadblock or ceiling: Typically, we begin with extended personality profiling, possibly with an assessment of values, motives and judgement, so we all know where your strengths lie. And we would also make sure your CV is of a professional standard. These activities may often be supplemented with coaching or interview skills training, but it’s not an outplacement service; it’s a means of supporting you as you move on in life.


Parent wanting to support their newly Graduated son / daughter*: Andrew has worked with many Graduates in this scenario. It is always an exploratory journey, taking into account not only the subject area of the Degree qualification, but of hopes and aspirations, fears and uncertainties, values and motivations… As with career professionals, we would work with your son/daughter to enhance their CV and build interview skills, etc. If the right opportunities arise, we may also be in a position to make introductions.

*Please note: In these scenarios, even though the parent may be footing the bill for the services, the client in this situation is the Young Person / Graduate, not the parent! All our work is confidential and we do not share information with the parent.

Whether you’re mid-career or just starting out on your journey, we can help to shine a light on your options. Get in touch to get the ball rolling!