Sales Roles Assessment


The sales function is the lifeblood of most organisations. Studies have consistently shown that the calibre of the sales force is directly related to sales success and organisational growth. Fortunately, sales effectiveness is a skill that can be identified and developed.

The General Sales Solution assesses a range of personality and motivational characteristics that relate to successful sales behaviour.

It can be used to:

  • Identify potential gaps in performance
  • Facilitate personal development
  • Structure behavioural interviews in order to inform and support selection decisions.

What the Solution Measures

Sales Process Dimensions: The behaviours assessed in the solution are derived from a typical sales process framework which will be familiar to most sales professionals and trainers. The sales dimensions used are:

  • Building Contacts (Prospecting)
  • Needs Assessment (Qualifying)
  • Style and Presentation (Pitching)
  • Negotiation (Closing)
  • Follow-up (Supporting)
Excerpt from Sales Process Profile

Sales Culture Dimensions: The solution also provides insights into the types of roles or environments respondents are more likely to be comfortable working in. Roles which require sales people:

  • to work under pressure
  • to exercise diplomacy
  • to address the public and give presentations
  • to work with each other
  • to work in a competitive environment
  • to work long hours
  • to maintain high standards
  • to be able to work under constantly changing conditions
Extract from Sales Culture Chart

The Sales Solution is fully operational and ready to run TODAY.

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