Management Derailers

The Management Derailers Solution is a brief screening tool that identifies individuals whose personalities present a risk of undermining the organisation’s success and derailing team performance.


It identifies twelve dysfunctional behaviours that can impair a person’s performance and/or present challenges for the team or organisation in which he/she is working.

The scales explored in the Management Derailers Solution include:

  • Eccentric–Absent-minded: Disdainful of practical matters, prone to generate fanciful ideas, forgetful, unconventional, lacking realism.
  • Appeasing–Acquiescent: Passive, unassertive, keen to placate others, requires high levels of support and reassurance, lacking self-confidence.
  • Suspicious–Mistrustful: Cynical, guarded, prone to be impatient, intolerant and to have difficulty forming trusting mutually supportive relationships.
  • Volatile–Explosive: tense-driven, lacking in frustration tolerance and social restraint, direct, forthright, temperamental, unpredictable.
  • Undisciplined–Nonconformist: Not bound by organisational rules regulations and procedures, inattentive to detail, prone to make careless mistakes.
  • Detached–Disengaged: Distant, aloof, socially inhibited, prone to dislike team work and to avoid forming close personal relationships.
  • Rigid–Perfectionistic: Lacking expediency, inflexible, wedded to existing systems and procedures, unlikely to take a holistic, strategic view.
  • Confrontational–Challenging: Lacking in tact and diplomacy, forceful and pushy, domineering, inclined to upset others, insensitive.
  • Manipulative–Machiavellian: Political, prone to question others’ motive, reluctant to deal with people in an open and upfront manner.
  • Avoidant–Passive: Anxious, prone to self-doubt, threat-sensitive, reluctant to express own views and opinions, socially-avoidant.
  • Arrogant–Self-centred: Prone to ‘perform to the gallery’ and show off, opinionated, egotistical, inclined to dominate discussions.
  • Moody–Sullen: Emotional, changeable, pessimistic, lacking energy and drive, fearful of failure, reluctant to take decisions, dour, forlorn.

Use: The Management Derailers questionnaire is a self-contained solution designed for adults who are in (or applying for) managerial calibre positions. It can be used:

  • as a screening tool in selection
  • to identify opportunities for behavioural change in development
Derailers… Don’t risk it!

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