Employee Wellbeing


The Employee Wellbeing Questionnaire (EWQ) was developed during a programme of research into occupational stress.

The EWQ has relevance to psychological health at work, job satisfaction and job demands, and workload. It can be used at both individual and organisational levels.

calm_2The main scales and facets are:

Psychological Health: Includes the following facets:
Resilience, Positive Outlook and Physical Health.

Job Satisfaction: Includes the following facets:
Supervision, Supportive Colleagues and Engagement.


When used at a group or organizational level, the EWQ can:

    • Provide an audit of occupational stress and adjustment in employees.
    • Identify specific jobs, departments and teams where there may be problems to do with workload, job satisfaction or psychological health.
    • Measure the impact of organisational change programmes and stress management programmes.
    • Evaluate employee counselling and Employee Assistance Programmes.
    • Provide data to allow benchmarking of individuals or teams relative to organisation or industry norms.
    • Provide longitudinal assessment of employee wellbeing through the use of annual surveys.
  • Over time, measure the effect of programmes designed to improve employee wellbeing and job satisfaction.

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