Bespoke Assessments

Most of the assessments we conduct are bespoke, and Andrew handles them personally. We work with you to understand the position you are trying to fill, and then select an appropriate combination of exercises to help you identify key traits, behaviours, knowledge and abilities. To all intents and purposes, we operate worldwide.

Whether it’s Head of Operations in Milan or Production Team Leader in Leeds or CEO in Cincinnati, you and your candidates will receive a professional, courteous, friendly and supportive service.

We don’t have lock-in fees or licensing costs. There are no up-front credit obligations. And whilst psychometric testing is a complex area that sometimes needs explanation, we will make it as straightforward as possible.

Psychometric testing: It’s what we do and we do it well.


1: Get in touch! Obviously, we can’t do anything until you make contact, and getting in touch does not mean you are obligated. It’s better for you if you contact us at an early stage (because then you have time to assimilate information), but we can almost always accommodate ‘late-stage’ inquiries. Even if you need assessments TODAY, we can usually help.

2: Getting Familiar. Andrew will want to know a little about your business, the role, the organisational culture and structure, and what kind of qualities help to make a person successful when working with you. And in return, of course, we will do everything we can to make sure you know about us. You will find us friendly, professional, helpful and courteous.

3: Identifying Options. It’s far from essential, but it can be helpful if there is a formal Job Description or Person Specification. The main thing is you understand the role being assessed, so we can identify the most relevant psychometric instruments. Andrew will explain the tests / questionnaires that will likely yield best value for your set of circumstances.

4: Costs: Like for like, we are one of the most competitive firms in the world for bespoke psychometric assessment. All costs will be detailed BEFORE any assessment takes place (and we do not invoice until AFTER assessments are completed).

5: Assessments: Once we have agreed which assessments will be used (ultimately it is your choice), we will set-up the relevant online systems and manage the process on your behalf, typically liaising directly with the candidate. This frees you up to do more important stuff.

6: Reports: Once you have given the go-ahead for assessments, the next you will hear from us is usually when reports are ready. We will work to your deadlines and update you if there are any unforeseen problems along the way.

7: Follow-Up: Because we are careful, thorough and detailed, our assessment reports are usually self-explanatory. However, Andrew is always on-hand to deal with any queries and fill in any gaps.