360 Appraisals

360The on-line, 360° Feedback Profiling facility is simple and low-cost. You can request the reports and manage the feedback process yourself in-house, or we can work with you to provide a full, on-site service, with personal feedback and support.

The system provides a framework of 9 broad competency groups which, through extensive research, have been found to be important indicators of work performance. Each generic competency consists of the following components:

  • Integrity: Integrity, Dependability, Realistic Self-assessment, Risk Avoidance, Responsibility.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Relationships, Empathic, Interpersonal Support, Diplomacy, Appropriate Assertion.
  • Planning & Organising: Time Management, Future Orientated, Prioritisation, Delegation, Planning.
  • Creativity: Innovation, Adaptability, Holistic Thinking, Strategic, Ideas Generation.
  • Resilience: Emotionality, Composure, Tension, Suspiciousness, Impulsive.
  • Quality Orientation: Detail Consciousness, Task-Focus, Task Finishing, Systematic, High Standards.
  • Logical and Analytical: Rationality, Numerical Skills, Critical Appraisal, Decision making, Analytical.
  • Persuasiveness: Communication Skills, Written skills, Coaching, Social Presence, Listening Skills.
  • Energy and Drive: Energy, Self-motivation, Results Orientated, Motivating, Initiative.

How to Use the System

Once you have settled on the competencies that you wish to be included in the process, you will need to secure ‘buy-in’ from the staff involved. {Click here for Best Practice Guidelines}

One respondent is always assigned as the subject of the assessment – the ‘SELF’ role. Additional respondents can then be assigned roles according to their work relationship with the subject of the assessment – ‘Boss’, ‘Colleague’, ‘Subordinate’ or ‘Other’. Up to EIGHT raters can be assigned in each category. In any event, once all the roles have been assigned, you will simply need to let us know the names, roles and email addresses of those taking part (We can provide a spreadsheet to make it simple). We will do the rest.

An email invitation will be sent to all the raters, containing instructions and a link to the personalised online assessment facility. The raters can complete the exercise at their own convenience. Once the appraisals have been undertaken, we will process and analyse the results and will supply them to you via encrypted email. The detailed report covers all the selected competencies broken down by the rater roles.

As mentioned, you will have the option to manage the rest of the feedback and development process yourself, or as you would expect we will be delighted to support you through the rest of the process.

For a Sample Report (full Extended Version), click here (note: there are other reports, available: Development Planning Report; Summary Report; Spreadsheet Data.

Please don’t hesitate to call if you would like to discuss the process further.