Mechanical Reasoning Test: A GIVE-AWAY

Here’s a chance to try out a Mechanical Reasoning Test.¬†We have SIX to GIVE AWAY: – First come, first served, one per client; Offer open to new and existing clients (but hurry please; we have to issue these by close of business on Tuesday 27th March 2018). Sorry, you’re too late for the free ones! But we can discount early trials by 33%. Get in touch!


We’ve just concluded trials on a new addition to our ever-expanding portfolio of online assessments.

It’s not the first or the only Mechanical Reasoning Test in our arsenal of psychometric tests, but it has a particularly broad set of norms for comparison and it has shown itself to be worthy of our preferred solution.

It can be used at all levels: Apprentice, Machine Operator, Engineers both skilled and semi-skilled, etc.. The comparison groups (norms) even account for Commercially-focused personnel, who may need a broad understanding of mechanical reasoning even though it may not be their main discipline.

Used on its own, it’s great for simple, accurate comparison of candidates (ie: bench-marking). It can, therefore, be used as a screening tool. But it may prove most valuable in selection assignments, when used alongside a measure of character (for example, with the Apprentice Solution or an Occupational Personality Profile).

The test is adaptive, meaning that different candidates will not see the same questions or the same sequence of questions, and the 20-minute test time is considered more than sufficient to gain a quick and accurate measure of mechanical / technical understanding.

The output report (excerpt shown below) shows:

  • Number of questions attempted
  • Number of questions Correct / Incorrect
  • A Measure of Speed vs Accuracy
  • Percentile score against a specified population (norm group)


Mechanical Reasoning
Example of Mechanical Reasoning Test Report




If Mechanical Reasoning is an area that is relevant to you and your business, and you would like to try it out in a real world setting, then please get in touch by telephone or email.

All we need from you is the candidate name and an email address. We’ll do the rest!

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