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Psychometric testing is our core business.

We work with organisations large and small, across the UK and abroad, and we get involved in all sorts of projects, from shop-floor to boardroom.

For example:

  • Straightforward selection exercises (recruiting new employees)
  • Internal promotion exercises (with an eye on longer-term succession planning)
  • Organisational restructuring (where roles are being re-defined for existing personnel)
  • Individual or Team Development exercises (perhaps coupled with the Employee / Personal Development Programme)
  • Graduate recruitment projects (often in association with recruitment consultants)

These are simply examples of the most common areas where we get involved. At the end of the day, we specialise in employing psychometric and other assessment techniques to find out more about the people of interest. We provide clear and unbiased psychometric appraisal reports, and we provide a full support service to ensure you understand the implications.

Of course, we use strong and robust psychometric measures when putting together full-day assessment centres, and take full advantage of personality psychometric questionnaires when working with people in a coaching capacity. We have the capacity to carry out initial basic dyslexia screening.

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