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Candidate Help Page

This page is intended for candidates who are completing tests and questionnaires online and who are encountering some difficulty with the log-in or administration process.

First of all, we are sorry that you find yourself on this page. The online systems have been extensively tested and they usually run very smoothly; it is relatively rare for candidates to need additional input. Nevertheless, given the enormous range of operating systems, browsers, firewall and anti-virus packages, etc, there is the odd occasion when a configuration causes a problem. If this has happened to you, donít panic!

The information / links below will answer virtually all problems. However, if you find that your question is not answered on here, please email us at info@psydebottom.co.uk (or call us on: 01482 847491). If it is likely that the delay will affect your ability to meet any given deadline, please inform us IMMEDIATELY.


Itís important to understand that the online systems require certain conditions to exist on your computer in order to function smoothly. You should ensure that your computer meets those conditions. In the case of:

In both cases, you may need to temporarily disable the firewall software on your computer. REMEMBER TO ENABLE IT AGAIN FOLLOWING COMPLETION. If you are trying to access the online systems from behind a corporate firewall (eg: some Universities, Government / Public Buildings, etc), you may have no alternative but to find a different computer.


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